The first transmitter I bought was a cheap Hitec Challenger set, back when Hitec was pretty new on the scene. After that, I upgraded to a JR Max66. Finding it a lacking when it came to elevon mixes for flying wings, I decided I needed to upgrade again. Looking around at all the available radios, I thought it made sense to get a “real” radio - either a Multiplex mc4000, mc3030 or mc3010.

I couldn't afford the mc4000, so settled for the mc3030. I'm glad I did, as it has served me very well ever since. It's flexibility and power remains unmatched by just about any other radio out there ('cept the 4000 of course).

UPDATE: I've bought a second-hand mc4000 now. I mistakenly thought the learning curve from the mc3030 would be easy. I'm not saying its difficult, but the sheer power and flexibility is a little intimidating…

Here are some links related to the mc3030 and mc4000 in particular, and Multiplex in general:

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